Social media dilemmas

Gone are the old days of a simple business card slotted into your alphabetic Rolodex that sat on your desk next to your computer or the address book with tabs propped next to your landline (with a cord) at home.

As we do when we network, we meet people. Business cards are exchanged and then there is the dilemma… Where do you start? Do you just go the FB and presume we are all adults now and capable of sharing work and personal friends in the same space, or do you start with LinkedIn?

Once you’ve added someone, do you track them down and connect through all social media avenues? I don’t know about you, but it certainly makes me feel like a stalker. I always imagine the four emails sitting in their personal email box asking if they’d like to ‘connect’.

Don’t let me forget about Google+ and Twitter.

Another option, and I don’t know if this is even creepier, is to gradually space out your ‘connect’ requests. LinkedIn one week, the next and after a coffee, go the FB.

Once I tried connecting with people on the one social media network. Just the one… and then lost track of who I had connected to where. I had to resort to a Google to find them in the end.

Many people use an additional social media program to simultaneously update all of their social media profiles or even schedule their Tweets. So now I have social media programs to manage my social media. It seems a bit silly? If you’re not onto this little trick yet, just check out Mashable’s article on social media updates… but does this make us spammers? Repetition. It really is no better than the random emails Hotmail tries to block from popping into your inbox.

What do you do? For a light intrusion do you ‘follow’ on Twitter. Up it a notch to FB after the coffee or just randomly introduce yourself on Xing?

I see people with +3000 contacts now and wonder how anyone could possibly stay in touch. Are we now just making our little black book and our Rolodex public?

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